Virginia DUI Laws First Offense

The laws and regulations of Virginia declare drunk driving as “Driving under the Influence” (DUI). Similar to the other states of United States, DUI is measured by analyzing by considering Blood Alcohol concentration (BAC). If the law enforcement officer pulls you up and the BAC level in your blood is more than a particular percentage, you can be taken into custody.

Virginia DUI laws first offense is categorized into class 1 misdemeanor and might impose fines ranging from $250 to $2,500. Virginia DUI laws first offense might also impose one-year license suspension and if you are arrested with the BAC of 0.15% or higher, you may also be sentenced to minimum five days in jail. The Virginia DUI laws first offense resulting in license suspension requires the completion of alcohol safety and education programs for reinstatement of license. Under Virginia DUI laws first offense, if the driver is arrested with the BAC at or in excess of 0.15, the driver needs to utilize the ignition interlock device at the time of reinstatement of license.

Virginia DUI laws first offense conviction has no predefined mandatory minimum period of incarceration for the potential offenders. If the driver possesses minor passenger in the vehicle, he must be charged for mandatory incarceration for the period of five days. Similarly, the driver having BAC in excess of 0.15 is at an increased risk of experiencing minimum incarceration for the period of five days. In addition, the driver having BAC in excess of 0.10 is likely to experience minimum incarceration for ten days.

Individuals convicted for DUI is also supposed to charge with the fine for $250. In case of the presence of the minor passenger in the car, the minimum fine can increase up to at least $500 and can range up to $2,500. Fines charged to the individuals are exclusive of the expenses related to the completion of terms of sentence or expenses related to restitution by courts. The convictions can be used to determine the nature of second DUI offense for up to 10 years period.

In Virginia, no statutory law excludes pleading down the charges related to the DU offense into the less severe criminal offense or the volition of traffic rules. However, acquiring services from the competent lawyers or legal counsellor can minimize the charges. The legal firms of Virginia have been facilitating individuals in acquiring assistance to resolve their legal matters. We assure you to present the strong defense, which might even lead to dismissal of charges. If you have convicted of DUI, it might stay on your criminal record forever and the law officer can view this record anytime and can pull you over the roads.

The laws of Virginia declare DUI as the criminal offense. If you apply for another job, apply for registration requiring the background check, or attempt to adopt a child, the criminal record will be displayed under your name. We are here to improve the quality of your life and for saving you from having the criminal record for life. Our services can dismiss your case at the court and your criminal record will note that the charge was dropped and you would not be labelled as the criminal.