Traffic Court of Fairfax County

Similar to other cities and counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Fairfax County also have a general district traffic court. Therefore if you have unfortunately been charged with a traffic infraction or a misdemeanor or Fairfax County officer has cited you for an alleged violence of traffic law then you will be required to know some specific information related to the traffic court system of Fairfax County. With more than a million people residing in Fairfax County, Virginia, it is the most populated county in the Commonwealth of Virginia and this may not come as a surprise that traffic Court of Fairfax County, which is situated at the first floor of Fairfax County General District Court buzzes with hurried actions each and every working day.

If you are required to appear in the traffic court of Fairfax County for a trial against a criminal offense of driving under influence, reckless driving or driving with a suspended license or nay other offense which requires your presence in court, then maybe you consider to look for the information, recommendations, experiences, and most possibly a traffic lawyer in Fairfax County. At times an existing traffic offense will be treated differently in Fairfax traffic court on the basis of your previous record for traffic violation. Most of the times these traffic violation offenses are serious such as driving under influence and driving while intoxicated and may result in more strict punishments and considered as a felony and not a misdemeanor. Despite the fact that the charge you are facing is being heard in the traffic Court of Fairfax County, it can still be considered as a criminal charge. Generally, any criminal offense related to traffic violation such as offense of DUI or reckless driving will be arranged to be heard in Fairfax traffic court.

In case you are charged with a misdemeanor offense related to traffic or even traffic infraction that may require you to present in court, it is advisable to always check your summons. In case you lost your summons, you must call the court or check them online. Because in case you miss a court appearance, then based on the offense, court may issue a warrant for your arrest. One must not take a chance because failing to appear in traffic Court of Fairfax County is itself a criminal offense of its own and violation of court order can result into a sentence of ten days imprisonment.