The Circumstances that Make Aggravated Sexual Battery Penalties Henrico Virginia More Severe

Aggravated Sexual Battery in Henrico Virginia is a very serious issue and it is the serious form of sexual assault or rape because the injury is much more severe in this case. There are some states which state the degree of the sexual penetration or the sexual degree with the first degree as the most serious form of the sexual penetration and the injury. The situations that differentiate the crime associated with the Aggravated Sexual Battery in Henrico Virginia, the severe one form the non-aggravated one. Here is the list of the circumstances that differentiate the sexual assault crime from the severe to the aggravated offense one:

  • The displays, assailant threatens the victim with a dangerous weapon during the offense.
  • Sex offender faces severe physical injury due to the Aggravated Sexual Battery.
  • Sex offender permanently disables any organ of the victim during the crime.
  • Assailant acts with the highest degree of the indifference to the life of the human during the assault.
  • Sex offender makes an effort to kill the person during the commission of the sexual assault.
  • Assailant aids in committing the sexual assault with one or more than one person.
  • Sex offender makes use of the drug for the rape to incapacitate the victim.
  • Victim of the rape is helpless permanently or temporarily to give consent because of the aggressive physical contact and especially during the use of Aggravated Sexual Battery in Henrico Virginia.
  • The victim is under the heavy influence of the drug or alcohol or he/she is mentally disabled as a result of the physical abuse.
  • Sexual assault includes the incest committed by the guardian of the victim.
  • A sex offender has the disciplinary, supervisory or any other type of authority over the victim due to the legal, occupational and the professional status.
  • Sexual assault is committed during the attempted commission of the felony including homicide, robbery, kidnapping, arson, burglary or the escape from the prison or jail.

The minors who are aged under the 14 or 15, depending on the state are regarded as not being capable of the consent regardless of their mental inability to know the nature of the act or the right to refuse the contact. The sex with the underage children is considered as the major crime in some states. Sexual assault on the children who are aged under the 14 is considered as the aggravated sexual assault. Many states impose the penalties for the crime only if the age of the sexual assault victim is under 16.  Every state has its own laws and the law for aggravated sexual battery in Henrico, Virginia is very strict. There aren’t any lapses made in the case hearings and the convicted individual is sentenced on immediate basis. As observed above, there are many circumstances that makes the aggravated Sexual Battery Penalties in Henrico, Virginia more severe, hence the individual found guilty needs to be punished and penalised severely.