Solicitation of a Minor in Virginia

In the highly technological culture as of today, there has been an increase in the grasping communications between a minor and an adult. These predatory communications have been subject to increased scrutiny because these communications between an adult and a minor become sexual. Such cases are also observed in Virginia where an adult is charged with illegal sexting or a solicitation of a minor in Virginia.

One of the most common forms of solicitation of a minor is engaging in sexual communication through the internet with an adult. The solicitor after engaging in a communication compels a minor to engage in a sexual act which among the law is illegal. These communications take place through any electronic means including text messages, emails, or chat rooms. Due to online conversation method where a minor is obliged to engage in a sexual activity, the defendant is charged with a solicitation of a minor. In such cases, it is required by the defendant to realize their offence and also understand the initial penalty and the long-term consequences associated with the offence of solicitation of a minor in Virginia.

Alike many other states, it is also an offense in Virginia for a person 18 years or older who persuades or requests a minor to engage in a sexual activity or even exchange the sexual content through an email or any electronic media. The law prohibits such communication that is intended for solicitation; whether successful or unsuccessful, the offender would be charged and arrested for the solicitation of a minor in Virginia. An individual who is charged with such offense finds him or her in a serious jeopardy because it would be registered as a sex offender. For the registered sex offenders, the solicitation with a minor through any electronic means increase penalties if found convicted. The list of stiff penalties for a misdemeanor includes prison, fines, lengthy supervision and registration as a sex offender.

The solicitation of a minor would be charged with imprisonment for many years and for the fines, he or she would be required to pay stiff fines including the expenses of the court-ordered counselling or probation. Besides, the convicted might also be sentenced for lengthy probation or parole terms for offending. The offender of solicitation of a minor in Virginia might also be subject to be included in the sex offender registry that has its own adverse consequences faced by a misdemeanor. These severe consequences include limited or no employment opportunities and a number of background checks before hiring.

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