Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Loudoun – Virginia

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault or another broader term for rape, is an act of touching, feeling, or fondling a person with sexual intentions, without the other person’s consent, with use of drugs, force, or coercion. Sexual Assault is a term which is inclusive of sexual crimes like rape, groping, and torture in a sexual manner, and child sex abuse.

Laws on Sex Crimes – Virginia – Henrico

Numerous sexual acts may be considered an offense and might result in the criminal charges in the state of Virginia.

Sexual assault – commonly called rape and is clearly defined by Loudoun – Virginia Code Section 18.2-61. It legally defines sexual assault as, ‘the act of engaging someone in sexual acts using force, coercion, intimidation, or under the influence of drugs. Also, having sexual intercourse with children under the age of 13 or minor – above age 15 but below 18 years or with someone who is mentally or physically helpless is considered to be a Sexual crime.’

Sexual Assault: Laws & Punishment

Although most of the states have similar classifications, in which they see sexual assault and sexual abuse crimes but they may vary from each other from one state to another when it comes to penalizing sexual crimes and handing out punishments. Every state deals with these crimes severely, though some with much more force than others do. Virginia, however, has severe laws against the sexual assault crimes. Irrespective of the cases, the imprisonment, and the monetary penalties are common with the major differences being the amount of the monetary penalties and the duration of the imprisonment sentences. If the case reported is involving the victim being a child of age under 12, most of the convicts would receive at least a 20 year to life imprisonment.

Similarly, while sentencing, each state has their own minimum and maximum guidelines for both the imprisonment and the fines, but judges, have to look at the complete picture and have to take into account all the factors before determining the verdict of the sexual assault case. If the judge is made aware that the offender is one with a criminal history of similar or different crimes, then the sentence is mostly much harsher than those without a criminal history.

How would a Sexual assault defense attorney help?

If you happen to find yourself being involved in an investigation into a sexual assault case, you should contact a Sexual assault defense attorney at your earliest. Not just that it is your right but it too is essential for you to take prompt measure in order to handle the case. The Severe nature of these cases has a huge impact on your future social and personal life. Not just, you might risk your job, and may face problems facing good employment, but you might face boycott on a social level, parents, women, and spouse may all abandon you.

A lawyer would help you get all the details of your cases sorted; discuss the case, possible outcomes and the repercussions of the verdict for the case. Furthermore, he would work with you to help you go through all the legal procedures, help you formulate your statements and make sure that you are cleared of the case without facing the consequences and with least amount of damage to you.