Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Penalty

In Henrico Virginia, reckless driving is considered as one of the serious traffic violations. Reckless driving is precisely defined as the state of mind in which the driver intentionally disrespects the traffic code particularly the Advisory speed limit. Additionally, traffic violation in the context of reckless driving includes:

  • Intentional speed limit violation
  • Improper and unsafe changes in lane (that increases the risks of accidents)
  • Unsafe Automobile racing
  • Unsafe crossing of intersections
  • Crossing the double lane highway
  • Crossing the stopped school bus and/or vehicle
  • Fleeing the accident crime scene
  • Texting while driving
  • Disregarding the traffic signals
  • Faulty brake encloses the inability of the driver to control the vehicle

According to the Henrico Virginia law, the traffic violation is recognized as misdemeanour.  In these regards, reckless driving falls in class 1 misdemeanour. The Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Penalty encompasses:

Jail sentence: The reckless driving can lead to a penalty of jail confinement for a maximum of six months.

Licenses suspension: suspension of driver’s license for up to 12 months as well as demerits points against the driver’s license for as long as 11 years post this incident.

Fine: The driver is also bound to pay a fine of an amount up to $2500 under the Section 18.2-11(a).

Herein, the person convicted with reckless driving is presented to a prosecutor and/or judge who can charge you with the Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Penalty that is fine or/and with license suspension or/and jail confinement, all depending upon the severity and nature of your violation. However, in some cases, judges or the jury does not readily sentence to confinement depending upon your previous record or if this is the first violation on your behalf. Nevertheless, this person can be charged more than the defined payable fine.

On the contrary, in case a person is convicted of traffic violation particularly reckless driving and causes a fatal accident and a person flees the scene. Therefore, the person can potentially plead guilty of manslaughter and can be charged with class 6 felony in addition to Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Penalty and subsequently imprisonment.

Instead, if a person is convicted of a criminal act as in our case, reckless driving that falls under class I misdemeanours, the person faces severe consequences. These consequences chiefly include the formation of the criminal record of the person (that cannot be removed for a lifetime).

In case you are convicted of Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Penalty, you can make a smart choice and consult our law firm. Our firm comprises of a number of experienced, well-trained attorneys who are well aware of complex laws of driving and subsequently have identified the loopholes in the jurisdiction and laws governing the driving. Therefore, the attorneys of our firm will strive to prevent you from being convicted or charged with Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Penalty as we truly and heartily care for our clients.