Is Sexting a Sex Crime in Alexandria Virginia

Is sexting a sex crime in Alexandria Virginia? This question opens up our horizon to know more about the possibility or nature of the crime. It is completely dependable on the nature of the sexting. What does it says and what message it conveys, is considered sex crime in the eyes of the law. It has been observed that sexting usually involves people below 18 years of age. It is possible that they can be involved in the production, possession or distribution of images related to child pornography.  In this regard, public awareness is important to know about the sensitivity of the crime because still there are people who are unaware of the fact that sexting is a crime. It is therefore essential for everyone to know that the consequences related to sexting are very serious. It is not allowed in Virginia to produce share or store sexual images of minors. It is persecuted in terms of child pornography. At this stage somehow the question, is sexting a sex crime in Alexandria Virginia?  is cleared in the minds of the people.

Sexting Law in Alexandria Virginia

It is quite common that whenever juveniles are found involved in sexting crime through taking their own photograph or receive such indecent image; they are violating child pornography laws. These criminal acts intended to punish those adults severely who victimize innocent children and teenagers. These adults offenders utilize the teenagers or children who captures photos of themselves, and then send the picture to others  in form misguided flirting.  People do not pay attention to the severity of the crime before committing and later it becomes a big question for them that Is sexting a sex crime in Alexandria Virginia? This lack of awareness makes the offender of a class1 misdemeanor for the possession of sexting images in which defendant is found in the possession of more than 10 images. The transmission of sexting images makes person class 1 misdemeanor if the images leaked out to public websites. On the other hand, it would not apply to class 1 misdemeanor who possess sexting images if the offender paid for the production of images. It is very crucial for parents, schools or the community to acknowledge the growing crime in children in form of sexting. They must ensure that children know what is sexting and complication linked to this serious crime. In this regards, schools can conduct workshops for students on “Is sexting a sex crime in Alexandria Virginia?” In this way, they can do counselling of the students to keep themselves and others out of it.

Contact Lawyer of Virginia

Those accused of this vicious sexting crime must consult with an expert attorney of the firm. These lawyers are very experienced to understand the complexity of the crime. They monitor the case from a different perspective to make the case strong enough to prove that the client is innocent, and the imposition of allegations fail to prove the client guilty. They also elaborate the client that why is sexting a sex crime in Alexandria Virginia? and how one can save himself\herself  from its harsh penalties.