Indecent liberties is a term that is alike a wide umbrella. It includes a number of illicit things like the name suggests. Any type of sex crime against minors can be highly damaging to them mentally and can potentially destroy their entire perspective on their lives. It is highly gruesome to commit a crime against a minor because they are so young and their mind are so impressionable and fresh and they are then tainted for life.

A minor who is treated in any indecent manner might actually grow up with the image in mind that this is the right behavior of adults with kids and they might learn to accept it as it is. That may lead to the child being susceptible to more sexual abuse and even rape at a later stage in life. Indecent liberties with a child includes doing something indecent with the child directly or making the child do something indecent with the suspect or someone else entirely. It includes touching the minor’s private parts or asking the minor to touch his or her private part for the pleasure of the suspect. The suspect can also display him or herself to the child indecently to satisfy some perverse craving or make the child display him or herself in an indecent manner. Fondling or private parts also comes under this definition.

In the state of Virginia, all sex crimes are dealt with most justly and the punishments are well deserved for the crimes. The sentencing suffices in most cases to act as a deterrent for the suspect to ever indulge in the same behavior again. Most of the sex crimes are treated as felonies and are dealt with very harshly and that is completely justified especially in cases where the victim is a minor. A minor is someone who is most affected by the sex crimes committed against them. In those cases it is extremely befitting if the suspect is even out on the sex offender’s registry. The suspect needs to feel the complete downfall of life like the victim has felt.

Being placed on the sex offender’s registry mean a social death because the suspect will not be able to get a good property on rent in a decent location as he or she will have to show their status. Along with this they will not able to get and retain decent employment. This will be life crippling for the suspect as they will have to change everything about themselves. In the end the suspect does get what he or she deserves. There are slightly different cases where the suspect has been involved in encouraging a minor to perform or in other cases be the subject of visual content that is explicit in nature. In this case the punishment should be more hefty as the minor has appeared in an indecent manner in front of more people and various charges might apply where the charge might also turn into a felony.