Hit and run Prince William

In Virginia, the hit and run charges include severe punishment as it is considered as the serious offense. The punishments of hit and run Prince William cases include the penalties, imprisonment, and suspension of license. However, the punishments are based on the nature and specific circumstances of the incident. The harsher punishments are implicated to prevent the occurrence of the crimes.

Even if the individual has not intentionally left the spot, he or she might get charged for the hit and run offense if the other person perceives it as fleeing from the spot and calls the police. Therefore, for the individual who encounters with the similar condition, it is necessary to stop at the possibly nearest place from the incident to avoid the charges of hit and run Prince William.

According to Virginia law, if the individual is involved in damaging the property of up to $1,000 with the attended or unattended vehicle then he or she will be charged with class one or four misdemeanors depending on the amount of loss. The punishments include up to one-year imprisonment along with the fine of up to $2,500. However, the driver has caused damage to the property of more than $1,000 or had caused injury or death of someone then he or she will be implied with class five felony. The felonies are the serious crimes which possess harsher punishments. When the individual is charged with class five felony, then he or she will be punishable for up to 10 years of imprisonment in a hit and run Prince William.

Being a passenger does not mean that you cannot be responsible for the charges of hit and run cases. According to the laws of Virginia, both the driver and the passengers shall be considered accused if they had caused the potential damage to someone’s property or injury or death of a person. For the passenger, the person will be accused of class one or four misdemeanors if he or she will cause damage to someone’s property. However, if the passenger is involved in causing injury or death of any other person and tries to escape from the site of the accident, then class six felony will be implied on the individual. In class six felony of hit and run Prince William offense, the passenger will be punishable for up to five years of prison.

Involving in the hit and run case might cause difficulties in future and adversely affects the professional carrier and personal life of a person. Getting imprisoned will affect the reputation of the person, and develops a criminal record. Moreover, suspension of driving license also possesses difficulties if you are a person who has to travel frequently due to a job or any other important purposes. Therefore, if you have been encountered with the similar situation, then it is necessary to consult an experienced hit and run Prince William case lawyer who can evaluate your case and develop strong defense for you by finding the appropriate defense strategies. In case, if you are convicted with the charge, then the skilled and experienced lawyer will be able to negotiate with the judge to reduce the penalties and other punishments.