Class Six Felony Virginia

If you have been charged with any type of criminal offense that comes under Common Wealth of Virginia, then there are two possibilities from which you could be charged i.e. you could be a misdemeanor or a felony crime. Misdemeanors can be characterized as the less serious offenses or crimes and there will be no penalties or can be imposed in the form of fine, jail or sentence. On the other hand, felonies can be characterized as much serious criminal acts, which usually pose, severe punishments and penalties. However, no matter you are a misdemeanor and felony, you will be having a permanent criminal record according to the law of Virginia.

As we are discussing Class six felony Virginia, then it is important to note that there are six Classes of felonies, which are decided according to the type or the criminal act, background and historical perspective of the alleged offender, and the crime both. Whenever you have committed a crime, you must understand and identify in which class you fall i.e. Class 1 felony or Class 6 felony so that you may know about your legal rights and the clauses of protective orders that goes in your favor.

Legal Definition of Class Six felony Virginia

Among all classes of felonies, in Commonwealth law of Virginia, Class six Felony is the least serious and relaxing felony and due to its releasing verdicts, they are also considered as wobblers. Similar t the other felony cases, Class six-felony case in Virginia is carried out in the respective General District Court with the prosecution. However, the requirement of plea is not mandatory in Class 6 felony Virginia.

Penalties Posed in Class Six Felony Virginia

According to the Common Wealth laws Virginia, Class 6 felonies are subjected to the penalty of imprisonment of one to five years, though fines do not exceed the limit and are usually set to be $2,500 that has to be paid within a time of two months.

Examples of Class 6 Felony Virginia

Scroll down to know some typical examples of Class six felony Virginia.

  • Attempting or donating blood, which is already, HIV infected is Class 6 felony crime.
  • Emotionally humiliate or abuse a child
  • Sexual abuse in alone or in public
  • Illegal or without permission use of the personal belongings or gadgets with an ill intention
  • Possession or using prohibited drugs e.g. cocaine, heroin etc.
  • Attempts of violating common laws

How to React when Alleged as Class 6 Felony

Whenever you have been alleged as Class 6 felony Virginia, you do not need to be panic or stressed. Just seek expert and skilled legal guidance and assistance through which you can understand the minute underpinnings of your case. The legal assistance will help you in dealing with the case in a smooth and legal way due to which you can know which legal strategy will result in the least damage to your physical, emotional, social, and economic state. Being the least severe of all classes, individuals fall in Class 6 felony Virginia can enjoy several legal benefits with skilled and productive legal assistance.