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An expungement petition is a civil filing requesting the subject of a prior criminal investigation or proceeding be sealed or destroyed, thereby restoring the subject’s name.

If successful, the records are said to be “expunged”.


Black’s Law Dictionary defines “expungement of record” as the “Process by which record of criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed after the expiration of time.”

Are you trying to have your criminal record expunged in Maryland or Virginia?

Are you trying have a prior criminal arrest in Maryland or Virginia sealed?

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The expungement (also called “expunction”) is a court order in which the legal record of arrest or criminal crime is subject to “closure” or is erased by law. When the conviction is dismissed, the process can also be referred to as “removing criminal from conviction”. The necessity of washing off, procedures for obtaining conviction of criminal vary, depending on the State or province where the arrest was made.

Legal truths:

Expungements usually means that the arrest is “sealed” or removed from a person’s criminal record for any of the purpose. After completion of process, the person convicted of criminal arrest usually does not need to be disclosed. For example, if a person is filling out an application for a job or residing place, the applicant if convicted should not necessarily reveal it.

Are all canceled records deleted?

The arrest that is written on the basis of crime is not completely sealed off or erased from the criminal history or its record. This is usually an easily accessible part of a person’s criminal record and can be viewed by some government agencies, including law enforcement and criminal courts. Sometimes this limited access is sometimes referred to as a “stamped” criminal record. In some legal proceedings, such as sentencing for any crimes committed after expungements, or in immigration sort of proceedings, the sealing of the previous record does tell that a person is being convicted of some penalty in the past.

The factors which hinders expungements:

If you get a criminal record expunged, depends on a number of factors, including jurisdiction, the nature of crime, the amount of time that has been utilized between this and criminal history. Some states, including New York, do not allow criminal convictions to be removed at all.

expungementation of your records against being sealed having your own criminal records sealed looks like having them erased, is nothing but less hidden.  If your records are sealed, then they are not publicly available. This includes private investigators, credit and employers. However, these records remain in the context of the criminal justice system. For example, their closed convictions will continue to be considered past crimes if you are arrested in the future believing that the person is convicted in past.

 Attorney for the issue:

The laws relating to expungements vary greatly, and the different laws that need to be met may vary before the thing is granted. Area attorneys can advise you on your pre-conviction cancellation requirements, taking into account local rules and the facts of your case. Contact a qualified local attorney for a free evaluation and start the process.

State policies:

Many states have laws allowing for the expungements of the vital and severe criminal records of offenders having involved in crimes or are accused of a crime. The purpose of closing past records is to protect juvenile offenders from the negative effects of criminal reports and arrest records. The registration of criminal records of this sort allows them to lead normal lives when they reach maturity.